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UI5ers live

UI5ers live is an online series to promote an intensive interaction within our UI5 community. Once a month, the UI5 team opens up the line for 45 minutes to discuss the latest UI5 features, inform about topics they are currently working on, and exchange views and ideas around UI5. Everybody is invited to get involved and can submit topics for upcoming episodes. Send us your ideas via e-mail and we will get back to you.  Or give us a shout in the UI5ers_live channel on OpenUI5 Slack and we can discuss it together.

The episodes are broadcast every second Thursday of a month at 15:15 German time and everybody can join without further action. All episodes will be recorded and published on the OpenUI5 YouTube channel afterwards. 

Find the individual dates of upcoming sessions and the recordings of past episodes in the table below or visit the OpenUI5 Event page to get a blocker for your calendar.

DateTopicsJoin / Replay Session
July 11, 2024 15:15 CEST
The UI5 tooling is the development and build tooling of UI5. It is built in a modular and extensible way so that it can be easily extended by your needs. In this episode Peter Muessig will showcase various tooling extensions which can boost your development experience by far so that you can really work offline, transpile your code in your project to use even newer versions of EcmaScript (than 2022 which is supported right now by the UI5 tooling), consume any npm package of your choice in your project, using different kind of proxies, and even stitching UI5 projects during development together to mimic your target environment.
May 16. 2024
In this episode, we will be joined by Christian Voshage to delve into SAPUI5 Flexibility and the "One Service" project. The main goal of this project is to enhance the cloud experience of the SAPUI5 flexibility key user service, making it more streamlined and efficient. Christian will emphasize the concept of "build once, run everywhere," addressing the challenges associated with different data storage locations. Drawing from his cloud development experiences, he will provide valuabale insights and share his learnings.

Additionally, Andreas Kunz will introduce the @ui5/dts-generator, a tool that generates TypeScript type definitions for OpenUI5. Recently published on npm, this tool is now accessible to everyone, enabling them to utilize it for their own OpenUI5 library written in JavaScript. Andreas will walk you through the functionality and usage of the dts-generator, demonstrating how it can be employed for any custom OpenUI5 library.
Recording is in the making
Apr 11, 2024
In this episode, Patric will talk about an experimental prototype he recently worked on. This prototype utilizes OpenAI GTP-4for natural language processing to enable users to interact with a UI5 app via both chat and voice commands. Patric will showcase the prototype and provide an overview of the technical aspects of the implementation.

In addition, Andreas will be sharing some insights about control development. He will address commonly asked questions such as integrating third-party content and incorporating elements like 
Recording is in the making
Mar 14, 2024
In this episode, Merlin will introduce the new UI5 linter, a helpful tool for getting your app ready for UI5 2.x. He'll show us how it works and give us a behind-the-scenes look at how it was built. Merlin will also share the roadmap for the tool, including what features are still planned before the first official release.

Then, Jens will dive into two additions to the UI5 table: the CopyProvider and the CellSelector. These features allow users to easily copy selected rows or individual cells from a table. Jens will demonstrate how to implement and customize these components in your own UI5 application.
Feb 8, 2024
In this episode, we will explore the new opportunity to create adaptation projects not only in SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), but also in the popular Visual Studio Code (VSCode) editor, using the SAP Fiori tools extension. This version is currently in an experimental stage and is being released to gather early feedback from our developer community. During the session, we will demonstrate the functionality of this VSCode extension, discuss its current limitations, and eagerly await your valuable feedback.

Furthermore, we will delve into the successful release of adaptation projects for S/4HANA Cloud in BAS. This launch enables developers to enhance SAPUI5 applications in Cloud ERP with comprehensive features that were previously exclusive to on-premise customers. We will highlight the unique aspects of this offering and discuss key points to consider.
Jan 11, 2024
First up, we have Volker Buzek, who will showcase his contributions to the Easy-UI5 application templates. These templates now boast built-in wdi5 support, offering you a frictionless integration experience. Volker will guide you through the steps, illustrating how this fusion can supercharge your workflow and streamline your development process.

Next up is Peter Muessig, spotlighting a new feature of Easy UI5 – nesting generators. This powerful capability allows you to combine and leverage different generators with ease, amplifying their functionalities. Easy-UI5 handles all the download, installation, and execution tasks, simplifying your development experience and giving you more flexibility.

But there is more! Peter will also unveil a fresh addition to the UI5 core – the Web Components base class. This class lays the foundation for seamlessly embedding Web Components into the data binding and rendering lifecycle of UI5. Now, you can smoothly incorporate any Web Component of your choice into UI5, elevating them first-class citizens within the framework.
Dec 14, 2023
Join us for a special episode celebrating the 10th anniversary of OpenUI5. Hear from key figures in the UI5 community, such as Wouter Lemaire, Volker Buzek, DJ Adams, and Christian Braukmüller, who have played a crucial role in shaping the community. Together, we will reflect on the past 10 years and highlight the major achievements of OpenUI5. We'll delve into the advancements made, the impact on the UI5 ecosystem, and the growth of the community.

Take a moment to reflect on a decade's worth of OpenUI5 achievements and share your thoughts on what the next ten years may bring. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a significant celebration in the UI5 community.
Nov 09, 2023
Join us for an enlightening session where our experts Pieter Janssens and Daniel Nanovski share their experiences and solutions with you. First, Pieter will discuss the challenges he faced while using UAA in combination with ui5-middleware-cfdestination, and how he collaborated with Peter to overcome these obstacles. He will also delve into the issues he encountered with TypeScript transpiling UI5. Pieter will share his journey of reaching out to the UI5 team and the solution they developed together. To make the session even more engaging, Pieter will demonstrate the solution to you, providing a hands-on experience.

Next, Daniel will shift focus to enhancing user experience by explaining the intricate technicalities involved in displaying comprehensible descriptions for IDs using SAPUI5 Smart Controls. In the world of business applications, cryptic IDs are ubiquitous. However, these can be confounding for everyday users. Daniel will explain how SAPUI5 Smart controls can be leveraged to address this challenge. He will guide you on utilising proper annotations or control APIs to achieve the desired state, whether it's displaying both the description and ID side by side, showing only the description, or dealing with more technical scenarios where only the IDs are required.
Oct 12, 2023
Join us for the next UI5ers live session on October 12, featuring Holger Schäfer from the UI5 community. Holger will showcase an innovative VitePress quickstart template he crafted using UI5 Web Components. 
Furthermore, we are thrilled to have Dominik Stork and Christian Voshage from the SAPUI5 Flexibility team on board. They'll be walking us through the latest advancements in SAPUI5 Flexibility, specifically focusing on versioning and content-based adaptation. Discover how these developments can empower you to create flexible and adaptable UI5 appllcations that can evolve with your business needs.
Sep 14, 2023
Join us at UI5ers live in September for an exciting lineup of topics!
We are thrilled to welcome Benedikt Schoelch from the UI5 development team. Benedikt will introduce the recently published mdc library, explaining its relevance within OpenUI5, and it offers with UI5 2.0. Expect to gain comprehensive insights into the mdc library and its benefits.
But that's not all! Peter Muessig will also be on hand to demonstrate and explain the usage of the CDS plugin for UI5 and the UI5 middleware for CAP. Learn how these extensions can greatly improve your daily work and unlock new possibilities for your project structure and separation of the CDS server and UI5 apps. With these advancements, developing cloud applications has never been easier or more flexible.

Join in and get ready to take your UI5 development to the next level! 
July 27, 2023
At the UI5con keynote it has been announced that the TypeScript support for UI5 is available for productive usage. Because there was only a limited time to show the topic, in this UI5ers live episode, Andreas and Peter will explain the new capabilities in more detail.
Another interesting topic from the UI5con keynote is the Bootstrap Evolution as part of the Modular Core. Therefore, Jan will join this UI5ers live episode to provide some more insights into the changes of the UI5 core and the opportunities you have utilizing the lightweight bootstrap which is experimentally available in the latest snapshot of OpenUI5.
If you have an idea for a topic, let us know either via e-mail or in the #UI5ers_live channel of the OpenUI5 Slack!


UI5con is a community-driven event to connect all the UI5 users and fans out there - a common platform to get to know each other, discuss innovations and find solutions. The event is organized by the community, usually free of charge and very informal: Everyone interested in UI5 and its related projects is welcome!

Once a year, the UI5 team itself acts also as host and takes over the organization of a one day event in St. Leon-Rot/Germany packed with lectures, talks, hands-on sessions, and networking opportunities for around 400 attendees.

Find the individual events in the table below.

NameDateLocationFurther information
June 5, 2024
St. Leon-Rot/Germany + Livestream
July 6, 2023
St. Leon-Rot/Germany + Livestream
July 7-8, 2022
St. Leon-Rot/Germany + Broadcast
June 16-17, 2021
Broadcast | Gather.Town 
July 9-10, 2020
Feb 14, 2020
Brussels (BE)

Do you want to organize a UI5con for your location? Tell us about your ideas and we'll add your UI5con to the list.
DateOrganizer | TypeTitle | DescriiptionLocation / Replay
Nov 2, '23
TechEd | Jump-Start (25min)
Develop SAPUI5 Applications with Pro-Code Tools and Best Practices from SAP

Learn how to build an SAPUI5 freestyle application using pro-code tools on SAP Business Technology Platform. Uncover how to use TypeScript, together with the latest tools and the best practices from SAP. Get hands-on experience, ask questions, and complete exercises at your own pace.
Recording (registration needed)
Nov 2, '23
TechEd | Lecture (25min)
Discover New Capabilities of SAPUI5 with SAP Build Code

Uncover how the new capabilities of SAPUI5 in pro-code tools on SAP Business Technology Platform help you deliver consistent, enterprise-grade user experiences. Take advantage of these innovations within a streamlined development environment that makes it easier to create and extend SAP Fiori apps to help future-proof your business.
Recording (registration needed)
Oct 13, 23
Using the SAP Approuter at dev time - a full-stack journey with UI5 and SAP CAP

In this session we will deep dive into how you can use the SAP Approuter during local development to run both UI5 and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) applications. We will use several open-source packages developed by the UI5 community as well as npm workspaces to create a full-stack application that can be started with a single command.
Oct 13, '23
Mastering the UI5 Ecosystem for Modern and Advanced OpenUI5/SAPUI5 Development

The development of OpenUI5/SAPUI5 application and libraries have never been easier. By mastering the Easy UI5 generators, you can quickly start your journey developing UI5 applications and libraries with or without TypeScript, by using the UI5 Tooling you boost your turnaround cycles, by knowing the tooling extensions available in the UI5 ecosystem, you can even benefit from a lot of different tasks and middlewares improving your development experience, simplifying code transpilation, using any npm package seamlessly, or integrating natively into other technologies such as the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. The borders between the technologies are melting and OpenUI5/SAPUI5 development feels modern like never before.

Join Peter Muessig, to learn about the latest innovations and possibilities in and around OpenUI5/SAPUI5, its development experience, its tooling, and its ecosystem…
Oct 6, '23
Equip an SAPUI5 freestyle app with the Flexible Programming Model

This session demonstrates how to add Building Blocks aka Macros ("OData v4 controls") to a UI5 freestyle app. The Building Blocks are part of the "Flexible Programming Model" (FPM). They are metadata-driven controls based on OData v4, implementing advanced functionalities such as filterable tables and visual data representation in charts.

Usually utilized in Fiori Elements applications, the Flexible Programming Model can also be re-used in UI5 freestyle applications.
Oct 6, '23
Metadata-drive Development with SAPUI5

Learn how to develop metadata-driven apps and reusable components with sap.ui.mdc.

Understand the basic principles and how to connect the most important parts of the library. Roll up the sleeves and build your own example.
Sep 29, '23
ui5-test-runner v3

2 years ago, ui5-test-runner was created to solve the problem of long running tests that may crash with karma.
On top of allowing parallel executions of tests, the tool also offered interesting features such as screenshots executing during the tests and the promise that it integrates with other browser automation tools. Yet, the tool had some limitations that restricted its adoption: the major one being that it does not integrate with the @ui5/cli framework.

The version 3 of the ui5-test-runner is about to be released and it solves many challenges of the first version:

It is lighter
It is delivered with with puppeteer, selenium-webdriver and jsdom integration
It is capable of running tests of an already served UI5 application (and hence integrates better with @ui5/cli)
It has better reporting (and debugging) features

During this session, Arnaud Buchholz presents the version 3 of the tool and demonstrates its new capabilities as well as discuss about its future.
Sep 29, '23
Build your own React application with UI5 Web Components for React

UI5 Web Components for React seamlessly integrates UI5 Web Components into React, bridging a gap in current integration challenges. Our session highlights how it effortlessly blends UI5 Web Components with React apps and how it improves your developer experience. Additionally, UI5 Web Components for React introduces advanced components like the AnalyticalTable, DynamicPage, ObjectPage, and charts, giving you even more component choices for your application.
Sep 29, '23
TypeScript Support in UI5 Web Components

The enabled TypeScript support is one of the major highlights in the UI5 Web Components project, greatly anticipated by the community. There are two main additions that both application and component developers can benefit:

For application developers, we provide type definitions for all the components and framework APIs, making UI5 Web Components usage seamless in TypeScript apps.
For component developers, we provide renewed and modern dev experience and tooling for custom web components development with TypeScript.

Join the session to learn more about our journey of TypeScript enablement and how you can benefit from it.
Sep 22, '23
wdi5 2.0 New Features and Migration from v1

wdi5, the end-to-end testing tool for UI5, is available in version 2. Most notably, v2 provided WebdriverIO v8 compatibility, including support for BiDi, the next-gen automation protocol.

This session will showcase the new features available in wdi5 2.x and explain how to migrate from v1 to v2. Spoiler alert: there is only minimal migration work to perform.

You want to organize a UI5-related event open to our community? Or you've heard about one? Tell us about it and we'll add it to the list.