SAPUI5 is a JavaScript framework and UI library that helps developers create cross-platform enterprise-ready web applications in an efficient way. It features more than 500 UI controls aligned with the latest SAP Fiori design guidelines and comes with built-in support for data binding, routing, message handling, and more.

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SAPUI5 in a Nutshell

SAPUI5 is an HTML5 framework for creating cross-platform, enterprise-grade web applications in an efficient way. What started as a small project is now one of the most successful technologies ever invented by SAP. Click on the video to learn more about the value of SAPUI5.

Explore the SAPUI5 road map and find out about the current and future features in the SAPUI5 framework, SAP Fiori elements and the SAP Business Application Studio.

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Desire on more? 
The SAPUI5 Demo Kit is the central place to understand and learn SAPUI5. It contains the official documentation, the API Reference, as well as code samples for many UI controls plus demo apps to demonstrate their use.

Try It Out

Try It Out

Interested in SAPUI5 but no access to an SAP system? That is why we open sourced major parts of our UI framework as OpenUI5. 

You can download latest versions from the OpenUI5 homepage or the individual libraries from npm.

Don't feel like downloading? Then you can bootstrap OpenUI5 from our CDN with high performance and no setup needed.

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