Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at SAP

Become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise with built-in artificial intelligence capabilities for your core business processes.

Getting Started

SAP Business AI. AI built for business.

Streamline processes, reduce manual efforts, and obtain powerful insights and predictions with comprehensive AI capabilities built right into your SAP business applications.

Enhance business performance from day one with AI embedded into SAP applications across your business processes.

Optimize business outcomes with AI based on real data from your business and industry – refined by SAP.

Put responsible and trusted AI into practice with AI grounded in the highest ethics, security, and privacy standards.  

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Explore SAP Business AI Across Your Business

Explore SAP Business AI Across Your Business

Benefit from SAP Business AI built into your core business processes — connecting finance, supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing, human resources, IT and industries.

Finance with AI

Supply Chain with AI

Human Resources with AI

Procurement with AI

Sales & Service with AI

Marketing with AI

Industries with AI

IT & Cross Functions with AI

Sustainability with AI

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Generative AI at SAP

At SAP, we integrate generative AI with extensive industry-specific data and deep process knowledge to create innovative AI capabilities for the SAP applications you use every day. It’s built-in, relevant to your business, and responsible by design.

Read Philipp Herzig's blog post on how genAI redefines business apps
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Go one step further by implementing Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) use cases on SAP BTP using SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) model. 
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Learn how SAP is addressing both the use of generative AI and its security challenges.
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Joule, SAP's Generative AI Copilot

Joule, SAP's Generative AI Copilot

Joule revolutionizes how you interact with SAP business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler.

  • Streamline tasks with an AI assistant that knows your unique role and acts as your work copilot across SAP applications.
  • Get quick answers and smart insights on-demand, facilitating faster decision-making without bottlenecks.
  • Just ask and get tailored content to jumpstart your work, like generating job descriptions, receiving coding assistance, and more.
  • Maintain full control over decision-making and your data privacy while accessing generative AI in a safe environment. 

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AI Foundation on SAP BTP: Infuse AI Into Your SAP Applications & Extensions

AI Foundation on SAP BTP: Infuse AI Into Your SAP Applications & Extensions

AI Foundation on SAP BTP is SAP’s all-in-one AI toolkit, offering developers AI that’s ready-to-use, customizable, grounded in business data, and supported by leading generative AI foundation models.
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Ready-to-use AI models pre-trained on business-relevant data
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Train, deploy, and run AI models at scale without compromising data privacy or cost-effectiveness
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Ground AI in your unique business data and context
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Fast-track your generative AI development
The generative AI hub provides tooling for prompt engineering, experimentation, and other capabilities to accelerate the development of your SAP BTP applications infused with generative AI, in a secure and trusted way. AI development teams can submit a prompt to multiple LLMs, compare the generated outcomes to identify the best-suited model for the task, and gain greater control and transparency with the built-in prompt history.

Trusted & Responsible AI

Our guiding principles of responsibility and trustworthiness serve as a roadmap for building AI-enabled software that is transparent, safe, and designed to protect your data and privacy.

Join the AI/ML Group on SAP Community and Interact with AI Enthusiasts

Join the AI/ML Group on SAP Community and Interact with AI Enthusiasts

It has never been a more exciting time for AI! Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are dominating headlines and making AI a part of every business conversation.

Be part of our new public group for AI enthusiasts and dive into a vibrant community of SAP experts dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities of AI. Connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, share your knowledge, and stay updated on the latest AI use cases, trends and breakthroughs, such as LLMs, prompt engineering, knowledge graphs, responsible AI and more.

Whether you're a seasoned AI professional or just beginning your AI journey, our group offers a welcoming space to collaborate, learn, and shape the future of AI at SAP together.

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