SAP Screen Personas Versions

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SAP Screen Personas (private cloud and on-premises versions)

Release Date (Year / Month)
2022 /06
2022 /12
2023 /06
Upgrade required for support
Security updates only
Critical fixes only
Full support

Updated support starting with SP18

In response to customer requests, we are increasing the support period for an individual service pack to two years, up from the current 18 months. We are doing this by releasing one service pack per year and shifting support to the current and previous release.

Currently, we release every six months and support the two prior versions. The new strategy will reduce the burden on customers to do SAP Screen Personas upgrades, as we know you are busy keeping up with many other system updates.

For public cloud customers, everything remains the same; you are always on the latest version as we keep everything current on our side.


SAP S/4HANA support
Central SAP Fiori launchpad integration
Themes, including SAP Fiori themes
Morning Horizon
All Horizon themes
All Horizon themes
Seamless flavor access from SAP Fiori launchpad
Tool access through SAP Fiori launchpad user action menu
SAPUI5 support for long-term maintenance versions
1.71, 1.84, 1.96, 1.108
1.71, 1.84, 1.96, 1.108, 1.114
Automatic transport management

Flavor Editor Features

Hide and rearrange UI elements
Simplify through tab merging
Add custom fields or controls
Adjust styling
Quick path navigation (keyboard shortcuts)
Adaptive designs
Toolbar editor
Viewport built on flavors
RFUI support
Input prompts

Scripting Features

Automate actions in local or global scripts with JavaScript
SAPUI5 applets
Profiler tool to assist with script debugging
Code analyzer for custom scripts

Mobile Features

Adaptive flavors to render any SAP GUI for HTML transaction on tablet
Render any SAP GUI for HTML transaction on phone (Slipstream Engine)
Barcode scanning with mobile browser
Optical character recognition for scanner
Upload pictures as attachment
Detect network interruption and keep session running
Compact menu
Continue button
Hide mobile menus