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Welcome to the SAP Analytics Cloud Community! SAP Analytics Cloud is a single cloud solution for business intelligence (BI) and enterprise planning, and predictive analytics. On this page, you will find helpful information, best practices, and enablement resources to help you with your learning journey. Connect with experts, ask questions, post blogs, find resources, and more.

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Get Started with SAP Analytics Cloud, the single cloud solution for business intelligence (BI), enterprise planning, and predictive analytics.

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Create, Explore and Analyze

Create, Explore and Analyze

Stories, Reporting, and Data Exploration

Find helpful resources on story design, calculations, data exploration, data visualization, and reporting.

Data Modeling & Wrangling

Find helpful resources on creating models and preparing your data using wrangling in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Plan, Forecast and Simulate

Plan, Forecast and Simulate

Enterprise Planning

Find helpful resources on plan entry & analysis, advanced planning & modeling, plan workflow organization (calendar) and extended planning topics.

Extended Planning & Analysis Business Content

Find helpful resources on the overarching extended planning and analysis (xP&A) business content vision with links to specific content packages.

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Excel

Find helpful resources on how you can leverage the SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Excel for planning.

Explore Augmented Analytics (Smart Features)

Explore Augmented Analytics (Smart Features)

Find helpful resources about smart features including Just Ask, Smart Insights, Smart Discovery, Time Series Forecasting, Smart Grouping, Smart Predict (Regression and Classification) and Predictive Planning.

Visit our Augmented Analytics page to learn more!
Manage, Implement and Extend

Manage, Implement and Extend


Find helpful resources on security, authentication and user management and find best practices for monitoring, auditing, and content management.

Data Connectivity

Connecting your on-premise or cloud data sources is the first step to making data-driven decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn more on this page.

Analytic Applications & APIs

Extend the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud and create analytic applications with Analytics Designer and leverage APIs to integrate and embed analytics into custom applications.

Explore SAP Analytics Cloud Business Content

This page contains all the information you need around business content for SAP Analytics Cloud from SAP and partners, including the latest release updates, hot news, and links to further resources and blogs.