Scale your global reach confidently with SAP's localized solutions. Cater to local markets by adhering to regional business practices and regulations across 130+ countries and 40+ languages. With 1000+ local versions, SAP enables your business to remain compliant today and tomorrow.

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Learn more about localization

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Visit sap.com/localization and check out the brief overview video on how to use the global map to find local versions of SAP solutions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about localization of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Document and Reporting Compliance

New openSAP podcast: What does localization really mean?

New openSAP podcast: What does localization really mean?

In this episode, you will explore the importance of localization in maximizing the value of cloud ERP systems and surrounding business applications. 
Expert Reading

Expert Reading

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management Localization: Sustainable Compliance for Your Recurring Revenue Business

Learn more about how SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management localization can streamline your processes and ensure compliance in the digital economy.

Payment Formats in SAP

SAP simplifies your communication with banks by providing dedicated Payment Formats in SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Check out this summary of blogs posted about Payment Formats and their tools including latest ones covering how to

Reaping the Benefits of Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax

Check out this paper and learn more about how SAP together with PwC provides global business readiness with localized business software by SAP and with tax compliance expertise on a local and global level.

Tax Transformation with Cloud ERP

Learn how SAP and Deloitte can help businesses with a sustainable journey to tax compliance in the White Paper Tax Transformation with Cloud ERP: Imperative for Future-Ready Businesses.

How Tax Can Help Your SAP Transformation Deliver More Value

This article from PwC shows how thoughtful design decisions and early integration, tax can provide a cleaner, more fit-for-purpose end-to-end SAP S/4HANA ecosystem and increase value for years to come.

Role of Business Applications in Responding to Global Minimum Tax (BEPS 2.0, Pillar Two) Requirements

Read this whitepaper from EY and SAP to better understand the role of business applications in responding to global minimum tax (Pillar Two) requirements.

Latest News on Localization

Latest News on Localization

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance with PwC
A podcast with Kathrin Deissner and Marc Hoessels, PwC,  on his experience with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance and how it helps SAP’s customers to manage the changing e-invoicing and statutory reporting across the globe.

Localization – overview by Elvira Wallis
from Elvira Wallis (Head of SAP Globalization Services)

Inside SAP S/4HANA Episode 81: Automate Electronic Invoicing and Statutory Reporting with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance
More and more governments are pushing new and tighter tax regulations endorsing digitalization and data transparency. With SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, SAP provides the answer to governments’ quest for digitalization: It not only enables enterprises to electronically pursue statutory reporting but also to engage in the electronic business document exchange with authorities – all in line with local regulations. 

Accelerate Global Business Readiness with Localized SAP S/4HANA - SAPinsider
If you are part of the SAPinsider network, check out this session on Localization of SAP S/4HANA

SAP made it again! SAP Document and Reporting Compliance wins Silver Stevie® Award 2023 for Compliance Solution from Elvira Wallis (Head of SAP Globalization Services)