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SAP for Life Science offers an innovative solution portfolio enabling digital transformation to become intelligent enterprises for the pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device organizations.

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Life Sciences Trends 2023

Life Sciences Trends 2023

Buoyed by the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines, the life sciences industry is on track for a succession of upheavals already transforming patient care, business models, and market dynamics. Read more about the latest life sciences trends on SAP BrandVoice on Forbes

SAP's Industry Cloud Solutions for Clinical R&D | SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

Bring your life-saving medications and therapies to market faster and more sustainably with SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management. Explore SAP’s set of four modular industry cloud solutions for clinical R&D, exponentially smarter and smoother clinical supply operations are within reach.

Advanced Therapies Week 2024
Meet our SAP Cell and Gene Therapy Experts in Miami and attend the presentation from Roche/ Genentech "How is Digitalization Changing the Game For CGT Value Chains"
CTS Europe 2024
Meet our SAP Clinical Supply Experts in Barcelona and learn how SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management can help to optimize and automate the supply process for clinical trials.