Customer Influence and Adoption

Influence SAP software development, adopt new innovations early on, and request specific enhancements or features. Learn how our customer influence programs allow you to influence and adopt SAP innovations throughout the product lifecycle, and explore current projects for each program.

Details of our Customer Influence programs
SAP Continuous Influence

SAP Continuous Influence

Continuously suggest product improvements

SAP Continuous Influence provides you with the opportunity to suggest improvements on SAP products directly to the development teams. This program is specifically aimed towards customers using SAP products productively who require an open channel for the continuous collection of improvement requests and resolutions.

  • Fine-tune your SAP products and solutions – and influence SAP direction to benefit your organization
  • Collaborate with SAP development teams anytime through a continuously open channel
  • Submit your improvement requests, vote on other ideas and get regular notifications about the status of your improvements requests.

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Prerequisites: This offering for selected SAP products complements SAP support services and is available to all customers with a valid SAP license and maintenance contract.

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative

Get involved early in the development process

The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative provides you with early insights into new SAP product developments. This is your opportunity to provide feedback, input and ideas at the early stages of development. 

  • Participate in remote or on-site sessions to discuss ideas and see if they fit your requirements*
  • Collaborate with SAP product management to shape new product features
  • Build a network with other SAP customers and partners using the same product

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Prerequisites: A Feedback Agreement  between your company and SAP allows SAP to work with your ideas and potentially include your voluntary feedback in our products and solutions.

SAP Integration Experience Feedback

SAP Integration Experience Feedback

Provide feedback on the functional and architectural aspects of intelligent enterprise scenarios

SAP Integration Experience Feedback provides you the opportunity to experience the latest released integrated business processes and integration capabilities (Suite Qualities) on an SAP internal landscape. Supported by SAP experts, you can determine the scope that is relevant for you and test the scenarios using SAP provided test cases based on generic data. Testing will run within agreed upon on timeline on your individual schedule.

  • Get to know the benefits the intelligent enterprise offers for your business case

  • Experience SAP software with a hands-on-approach on a pre-configured and integrated system landscape

  • Find a list of current offerings here
SAP Beta Testing

SAP Beta Testing

Provide feedback on products before they’re released

SAP Beta Testing allows you to test and experience our upcoming, soon-to-be-released products. Working closely with the SAP team, you can review the software, conduct beta tests and provide feedback for future releases. There are different ways to experience SAP software before its official release:

  • Rely on SAP test data provided on SAP systems to follow pre-defined test scenarios, either remotely or on-site at selected SAP locations.
  • Use your own data and install the beta software in your own landscape to explore new features and functions with your own processes before official release. You can autonomously download and test the software by yourself or rely on the support of SAP experts who guide you through the process.

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Prerequisites: Access to the solutions is provided under a test and evaluation agreement (TEA) and can be used for testing purposes only. Productive usage is not allowed and is not supported under the maintenance and support agreement.

SAP Early Adopter Care

SAP Early Adopter Care

Implement new SAP innovations ahead of the competition

Be among the first to adopt new SAP software with the SAP Early Adopter Care program.*** Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to ensure a successful implementation. Interested? You can register for the program during the first few months after new software has been released.

  • Realize business benefits right from the time of market availability – at low, managed risk
  • Get a dedicated SAP Early Adopter Care project coach to ensure a successful implementation
  • Get a head start with access to the Stay Current learning program

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Prerequisites: This offering for selected SAP products complements SAP support services and is available to all customers with a valid SAP license and maintenance contract.