Fundamental Library

The fundamental library is an open-source library containing components that are continuously being worked on. It is a community-driven project to provide a consistent user interface across web applications.

Getting Started


Here are some key features & capabilities of our fundamental library: 


  • Focuses on web standards, basic elements and simple patterns


  • Revolves around self-contained components, while encapsulating styles and behaviours


  • Encompasses theming capabilities and combines blocks to create complex components


  • Welcomes multiple contributors within its community and allows for fast release cycles

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Browse this topic

More about the fundamental library..

Ensuring a consistent look and feel, while harmonizing multiple products and applications, is a demanding and expensive task. It entails rebuilding them from the ground up and accommodating them to SAP UX standards. The Fundamental Libraries grew out of a need to address just that.

Fundamentals is comprised of a set of libraries that cover the most common UI components, patterns and layouts. It offers a design system and component library that allows teams the flexibility to quickly implement consistent UX with Fiori 3, without needing to change the frontend framework or library.

Fundamentals also tackles accessibility by using the proper semantic html tags such as buttons or anchor tags. By using the right html tag, the browsers cover about 80% of the accessibility requirements and the Fundamental Libraries team aims to cover the rest. Find access to the old version of Fundamentals here.