SAP Enterprise Product Development

SAP Enterprise Product Development is a public cloud solution for companies in both manufacturing and process industries. It is designed to digitalize development processes across the extended enterprise and help create intelligent and sustainable products.

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SAP PLM Video Series 23/24 Teaser: Unleashing Innovation, Trends & Best Practices!

🌟 Hold on tight, SAP enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a journey with our SAP PLM Video Series 23/24! 🌍✨ Brace yourselves for an unconventional and groundbreaking video series that will redefine your SAP PLM experience. 🚀

Discover How to Revolutionize Product Development with PLM Power

▶️▶️In this video, the host Yash Agrawal, a Senior Project Manager from SAP DSC PLM Cloud Acceleration, invites industry experts from DSC Software AG, CENIT AG and LeverX, to share their perspective on how the power of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps enterprises revolutionize their product development processes.

SAP Enterprise Product Development August 2023 Release | Exclusive Insights & Innovations

Welcome to the SAP Enterprise Product Development August 2023 Release! Join your host, Sarah Mei Niesel, a senior project manager from the SAP PLM Cloud Acceleration Team, as she sits down with SAP Enterprise Product Development's product management, solution management, and the head of engineering to bring you exclusive insights directly from our experts.

Take your product development to the next level with SAP

From ideation, change management, integrations, visualization, to cross-functional collaboration for both discrete and process industries. Catch the highlights of our Discover SAP Enterprise Product Development virtual event’s September 2023 edition, where we present our most recent cloud innovations and showcase how leading customers use our end-to-end business processes to define, develop, deliver, and manage innovative and sustainable products, and the benefits of using SAP Enterprise Product Development.

https://youtu.Expert Talk: Product Lifecycle Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition – Part IIbe/JXonMlWa6hc

🔔 This second part of the Expert Talk about Product Lifecycle Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition dives into some exciting new PLM apps and explores some follow-up questions from the previous PLM Expert Talk.
➡️ Did you miss part I? Click here to watch it:
In this new episode, Sarah Mei Niesel talks to Gerhard Welker, Carsten Dietze-Selent, and Martin Bachmann about:

New Topics on Intelligent Handover in Enterprise Product Development
Configuration Management and Benefits for Customers
18:50 Key Insights from SAP PLM

Streamline your Idea Pipeline with Product Innovation Management - SAP EPD

The Product Innovation Management feature of SAP Enterprise Product Development enables crowd sourcing of ideas via targeted ideation campaigns. This solution can not only support boosting product development, but also be applied to continuous improvement, innovation challenges, supplier and customer feedback, and reward nominations. With this feature product innovation managers can streamline their innovation process much more efficiently to improve product experience and create new revenue streams.

Product Design Collaboration with SAP

This video showcases the product design collaboration capabilities possible with SAP Product Lifecycle Management. SAP PLM solution allows for seamless collaboration on product design data allowing companies to share design information and process changes suggested by internal or external partners via a secure collaboration environment.

Master Your Production Line with Routings – SAP EPD, Intelligent Handover

The highlight of the upcoming release is the allocation of bill of material (BOM) components to routings directly in the Planning application of Intelligent Handover in SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD). This new feature allows the easy assignment of components to routings through a table view or graphical view, eliminating manual steps and increasing productivity. With this feature, production engineers can streamline their work, reducing the chances of miscommunication or errors during handovers. The ability to leverage existing routing sequences and templates saves time and effort, ensuring consistency and standardized workflows across the organization.