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Join us for the latest updates and insights on the multichannel marketing hub at the heart of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement. Learn how we track customer interactions with your brand, match them against a massive statistical model and make accurate predictions not only on how and when consumers like to be reached, but also what content is most likely to elicit a response.

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SAP Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index 2023

SAP Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index 2023

What do today’s consumers think and feel about loyalty? And what does it take to actually secure their long-term loyalty?

For the third consecutive year, SAP Emarsys sought to answer these questions and more. In August 2023, we asked 10,057 General Respondents across the USA, the UK, Australia, and Germany all about loyalty. We wanted to find out how, from a consumer’s perspective, marketers can earn their continued loyalty in 2023 and beyond.

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How Gibson Drives Engagement by Rocking Omnichannel

Learn all about Gibson’s approach to personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong customer loyalty which led them achieving:

  • 50% growth in email revenue in the first year since using Emarsys
  • 27% increase in email impact on the business overall
  • 2x email engagement since using Emarsys
  • 10% of revenue driven by automation last year

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The Omnichannel Guide to Revenue-Driving Holiday Customer Engagement

The Omnichannel Guide to Revenue-Driving Holiday Customer Engagement

If you’re a retail marketer, the holidays are a critical time for you, and your team is under great pressure to increase customers and drive revenue for a successful Q4. This guide is designed to empower you with tips, strategies, and proven tactics used by top brands to increase customer growth and revenue during the important holiday shopping season and beyond.

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