SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Join us for the latest updates and insights on the multichannel marketing hub at the heart of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement. Learn how we track customer interactions with your brand, match them against a massive statistical model and make accurate predictions not only on how and when consumers like to be reached, but also what content is most likely to elicit a response.

Emarsys helps businesses become better marketers. Find out how...

3-minute introduction

Watch this short introduction into what SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement can do for your business.

7 Pillars of Omnichannel Personalization

7 Pillars of Omnichannel Personalization

Discover tips on how to:

  • Maximize your customer engagement data so you can build trust and support your goals

  • Connect your commerce channels so customers enjoy consistent brand experiences wherever and whenever they engage

  • Recognize the differences between disjointed channel experiences and seamless, personalized customer journeys
  • Become more relevant and timely with your messages, so you can drive loyalty and greater LTV

  • Apply AI to execute true personalization at scale and around the world

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How Gibson Drives Engagement by Rocking Omnichannel

Learn all about Gibson’s approach to personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong customer loyalty which led them achieving:

  • 50% growth in email revenue in the first year since using Emarsys
  • 27% increase in email impact on the business overall
  • 2x email engagement since using Emarsys
  • 10% of revenue driven by automation last year

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The Omnichannel Difference Report 2024

The Omnichannel Difference Report 2024

SAP Emarsys commissioned Forrester Consulting to research how brands were implementing omnichannel strategies to grow customer engagement. The Omnichannel Difference Report 2024, an opportunity snapshot, was created with information Forrester gleaned when they surveyed manager-level and above decision-makers in the US, Germany, and the UK . The results and insights are revealed in this study and offer sometimes unexpected insights on where the challenges and opportunities are on the road to true omnichannel engagement.

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