Data Attribute Recommendation

Perform classification and regression tasks with this machine learning-based service available on SAP Business Technology Platform.

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First Steps

Data Attribute Recommendation is part of the SAP AI Services portfolio and available on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

It uses free text, numbers and categories as input to classify entities such as products, stores and users into multiple classes and also to predict the value of missing numerical attributes in your data records.

With Data Attribute Recommendation, companies can:

  • Use classification and regression capabilities to speed up data management processes
  • Reduce errors and manual efforts for completing business processes
  • Increase data consistency and accuracy

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Key Features

Key Features

Data flexibility
Be flexible in uploading and storing data in separate datasets.

Model training metrics
Expose model training metrics after a successful training run.

Model templating
Pick one of multiple machine learning models that best suits your needs.

AutoML model template
Choose the best fitting machine learning pipeline for single label classification tasks.

Deployment flexibility
Deploy multiple models at the same time while having the flexibility to configure the inference response.

Deploy Data Attribute Recommendation Capabilities

Deploy Data Attribute Recommendation Capabilities

Users can easily deploy Data Attribute Recommendation in several business scenarios and extend their own processes.

Classify data records
Classify entities such as products, stores and users into multiple classes, using categorical, numerical and textual inputs.
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Perform a regression on the data to predict a numerical label
Upload a dataset to your Data Attribute Recommendation service instance to afterwards be able to train your machine learning model using the regression model template.
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Sales order completion
A business blueprint with dedicated preprocessing for autocompletion of sales orders. The underlying machine learning model can predict custom, defined incompletion log fields, provide custom metrics, and provide a training pipeline enabling the user to define which data should be used for training, testing, and validation to overcome issues with imbalanced data sets.
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Available Integrations in SAP's Portfolio

Available Integrations in SAP's Portfolio

Data Attribute Recommendation is natively integrated into several SAP solutions.

Intelligent recommendation of material groups for centrally managed demands in SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Central purchasers can proactively receive intelligent proposals for incorrectly assigned material groups within their centrally managed purchase requisitions.
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Smart account determination in SAP Central Invoice Management
Automatically enrich G/L Account, Cost Center and WBS Element fields in draft invoices using the data learned during the training, and increase accuracy of financial reporting and reduce manual work.
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SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation
Cloud application that uses machine learning and rules to streamline the product selection and configuration process for complex configurable products. It recommends products and default configurations based upon the customer's specific needs. You can embed SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation in configure, price, quote (CPQ), or e-commerce business processes. It also supports single-level configurable products as well as integration to SAP S/4HANA as important sources of sales transactional data.
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Sales order autocompletion in SAP S/4HANA Cloud
By utilizing historical data and machine learning, the system is now able to provide recommendations for completing empty fields within an unfinished sales order, increasing sales productivity while reducing data management and operational costs.
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